About dataDisc, Inc

We've been doing nothing but CDs and DVDs since 1991

That's over 17 years. We excel at fast turn, short run disc duplication (as fast as same day and short runs start at one disc!) We've been doing it longer than almost every one in the industry. We pioneered the fast turn, short run concept back in 1995... While every other duplicator made you buy 1,000 discs minimum, we introduced a minimum of 100. And when the average turn time was 2-3 weeks, we got it done in 5-7 days (now we can even get your job done the same day - if you gotta have it, you gotta have it on time!)

A great experience

One of our most important features is that we don't sell you what you don't need. We've probably talked as many people out of something as into something - that's why we have so many customers that keep coming back. We know our products well and can help you from start to finish have the greatest project. Not to mention, we're a lot of fun to work with.

Don't let other duplicators promise to have it when you want it but fail to deliver. dataDisc has over 10,000 customers who get their jobs when they need them. And we can get you your job when you need it, too. And if you don't need it tomorrow, we can save you money.

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