How Much Can You Fit On That Disc?

If you've been burning your own CDs for awhile now you've seen some changes in capacity. The first commercially available CDRs were 550 Mb. Then came the 650 Mb discs and in the past year or so, 700 Mb. All these discs met the ISO standard for size. They all are 120 mm in diameter (4.72 inches).

Something small and cool yet works in your existing players & recorders? The hockey rink shaped business-card CDs and the 3 inch disc. Both of these cards easily fit in your pocket and help you stand out in the crowd.

Most Business Card discs hold about 50 Mb, plenty of space for sales info, a copy of your website, a 5 minute song or even a short video clip. If you need more space, you don't need to give up the novelty of a unique disc. The 3 inch round disc holds 180 Mb, about 20 minutes of music, a moderate sized video clip or your entire catalog. Want to turn heads, give one of these a try.

by Al Foster, VP
dataDisc, Inc.